Using your CRS smart card, CfH purchased IAG CALs and Microsoft UAG to provide staff and locums with Remote Access to spine-based and local Trust applications with Web Single Sign-On.

Winfrasoft Health Access System (HAS) is a secure access solution enabling NHS Trusts to gain greater value from the NHS CRS Smartcard by using it to provide secure and easy access to all resources, whether from within the Trust, the home or while on the move. Built on the Microsoft Forefront Edge Gateway server platform and leveraging the Versatile Security vSEC:ID Client, HAS is the first solution to enable the use of the NHS CRS Smartcard for true Single Sign On providing access to all applications as well as the Trust’s network while significantly reducing IT costs and helpdesk calls.

In December 2009 Microsoft announced the release of Unified Access Gateway 2010 (UAG) – the successor to Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) in the Forefront Edge Gateway server range. The million plus IAG Client Access Licenses (CALs) which were purchased in 2007 by CfH entitle the NHS to use UAG 2010 too making the IAG/UAG platform attractive to the NHS both technically and commercially.

The Winfrasoft NHS-specific Health Access System makes use of both the CfH-procured Microsoft IAG/UAG CALs and NHS CRS Smartcards to deliver three solutions in one low-cost package:

  1. Web Single Sign On
  2. Remote Access
  3. Self Service Password Reset

Web Single Sign On

The Winfrasoft HAS solution binds the NHS Smartcard credential to the Active Directory username and password credential used in the Trust so that when it is presented it is instantly recognised. Once validated, the user has appropriate local access as defined by the Trust. The HAS web portal provides a consolidated view of both national and local applications with only one credential required for logon - the NHS CRS Smartcard.

Not just for full-time Trust staff: the policy-based portal can be configured to allow locums and temporary agency staff access to National Applications, NHSmail and more without the need for local IT support.

Remote Access

Up and down the country Trusts are looking for ways to increase flexibility for Health Workers yet remote access policy requires 2FA, which can be costly. Winfrasoft Health Access System uses the existing NHS Smart credential, eliminating the need for costly tokens and removing the burden of token issuance and Helpdesk support. Staff in GP surgeries, patient homes and even their own homes can now connect safely and easily, authenticating their access with the NHS CRS Smartcard.

Self Service Password Reset

Because the NHS CRS Smartcard is such a trusted credential and because it is managed separately to a Trust’s AD credentials it could not be a better proof of identity to authorise the resetting of a forgotten AD password. The Winfrasoft HAS web portal enables users to reset their AD passwords by demonstrating first that they have and can open their NHS CRS Smartcard.

Winfrasoft HAS System Requirements:

  • Windows Server 2003 with IIS6 or higher
  • Forefront UAG 2010


Case studies

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